RECIPE: The Mocha Frappe At Home

You know me right? The girl whose body can only handle 2 coffees a week before her head explodes!

If you didn't know, it's true. I will allow myself up to 2 coffees a week and that's it. The main reason? They're not good for me. It's a treat... simple as. I have a coconut milk, vanilla latte from Costa and it is treat heaven! Why is it classed as a treat? Well, it's laden with sugar syrups and God only know's what else as well. Hence only having a couple a week!

Now and again though, I like to switch it up! When the sun is out I love to get a mocha frappe from Starbucks. However, we have the same problem... sugar, sugar, sugar (plus chemicals galore!). So, in these cases where I fancy myself a little treat in the sun, here is my own homemade version of a Starbucks. It's sweet, creamy and cooling. Plus it uses a seriously old-school ingredient! Who remembers Camp Coffee? Now it does contain sugar (probably a lot of it at that!), but the ingredients are pretty minimal, so mentally I feel better having a frappe this way than the Starbucks way!