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RECIPE: The Mocha Frappe At Home

You know me right? The girl whose body can only handle 2 coffees a week before her head explodes!

If you didn't know, it's true. I will allow myself up to 2 coffees a week and that's it. The main reason? They're not good for me. It's a treat... simple as. I have a coconut milk, vanilla latte from Costa and it is treat heaven! Why is it classed as a treat? Well, it's laden with sugar syrups and God only know's what else as well. Hence only having a couple a week!

Now and again though, I like to switch it up! When the sun is out I love to get a mocha frappe from Starbucks. However, we have the same problem... sugar, sugar, sugar (plus chemicals galore!). So, in these cases where I fancy myself a little treat in the sun, here is my own homemade version of a Starbucks. It's sweet, creamy and cooling. Plus it uses a seriously old-school ingredient! Who remembers Camp Coffee? Now it does contain sugar (probably a lot of it at that!), but the ingredients are pretty minimal, so mentally I feel better having a frappe this way than the Starbucks way!


  • 200ml Organic Almond Milk (or any plant based milk)

  • 2-3 handfuls of ice

  • 1 tbsp Organic Raw Cacao Powder

  • 2-3 tsp Camp Coffee

  • 1 tsp Natural sweetener (e.g. Manuka honey, maple syrup)


Blitz all the ingredients together in a high-speed blender until the ice is crushed and the ingredients are well mixed.


If you do like a coffee in the morning, why not try this instead and omit the honey and add a frozen banana instead. Maybe some oats? You can get your breakfast and coffee in one!

If you need some reassurance, the almond milk contains calcium and vitamin A for your skin. The cacao powder is packed full of anti-oxidants and Manuka honey is also very good for your immune system. The camp coffee is... well... good for your sanity!

I hope you enjoy my little Summer treat! I'm going to sit outside with mine now and catch some rays... smothered in SPF 40 of course ha ha!

Thanks so much for reading,


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