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7 Ways to Upgrade Your Morning Routine

Everyone has a morning routine, so when people say they don't, they kind of do. It's just probably not the kind of morning routine they want.

When it comes to creating a morning routine, the most important thing is figuring out what you want to come from it. How do you want to feel? How much time do you have to do it and what do you want to accomplish?

First things first, figure out how much time you have. Don't try and create a new routine for yourself including exercise routines, meditation, book reading etc if you only have thirty minutes.

I would then say don't try and implement everything all at once as it might be a bit overwhelming, instead add new parts of your routine into your morning in small increments so you don't notice them too much and then they can easily become part of your daily habits and routines.

Some great things to incorporate into your morning routine can be...

  • Incorporating a healthy drink to start the day. This could be a lemon water or herbal tea. I love my 'Immune Booster' Lifestyle tea to help boost your digestion in the mornings

  • Ten minutes of meditation each day to help calm your mind before you start rushing around. I love to use my Headspace app for this. You can easily do it in bed too, just keep a pair of headphones by your bed so you can plug them in and go.

  • Using some essential oils in the morning can be a great way to stimulate the senses. Maybe try shaking a few drops into your shower (be careful if you have a marble shower as sometimes oils can stain) or adding a few drops to an oil burner with some water. My Tsui Apothecary Grapefruit essential oil is a great one for mornings.

  • Instead of a sugary breakfast cereal, why not make a smoothie packed full of nutrients and probiotics with The Beauty Chef supplements.

  • Build in a short exercise routine to get your body moving. I love the Seven Minute Workout apps that you can download. They get your heart rate going and your blood circulating.

  • How about trying some reading in the morning? This doesn't have to be chapters and chapters, but instead just a page a day perhaps? I love to use my Daily Stoic and just read a couple of paragraphs a day to get me motivated.

  • If not reading, what about writing? Why not use a journal to plan out your day with your top 7 priorities you want to accomplish. Mark them in order of importance so you have a clear plan of how you want your day to pan out.

I hope you have found this useful. Remember, just start with one thing at a time and see how you get on.

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,

Emmaline x


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