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5 Ways To Get Your Skin Back On Track After Christmas

Now the festive season is pretty much behind us, some of us might feel like our skin is not looking as good as it once was pre December 2019.

So, to combat the dryness or pimples that have decided to show themselves in the new Year after all of that indulgence, here are my five top tips to make your skin feel like yours again.


I'm not a fan of cold water at all in Winter. I do tend to drink a lot of hot herbal teas and hot water when I'm in work, but what about when you're out and about running errands??

If you struggle to drink water during the day, take a bottle of water with you and challenge yourself to finish it by the time you get home. For those of you who think it's too cold for cold water, take a thermos flask filled with herbal tea with you and sip it throughout the day.

When your body is hydrated, it functions better. This includes removing toxins from the body which in turn will have a positive impact on breakouts and dryness.


Get your skincare routine back on track. I'm a huge fan of really hydrating our skin with a water based serum and then sealing in the moisture with an oil. I find my skin looks so much healthier when I layer up my products. (why not try The Vitamin C Serum, The Face Cream, and The Face Serum)


Set a daily reminder to tell you to put down 'devices' and get ready for bed to allow you to have around 7-8 hours sleep. I like to have a full sleep routine where I can so I can sleep as good as possible. Why not try a few (or all) of the following things...

- turn on a sleep playlist before bed and put it on a timer to turn off when you're asleep

- do some meditation nightly before bed to help you 'switch off'. I love the Headspace app for this.

- have a sleepy herbal tea around an hour before bed (you don't want it too close to sleep so you're waking up at 3am for a wee!)

- burn some essential oils for sleep, lavender, mandarin and frankincense essential oils are all sedatives and can help with a good night's sleep

Without sleep your body doesn't function anywhere near its optimum (we all know how we feel after a late night!). It can have a huge impact on your gut which in turn will have a negative impact on your skin as well.

4 - MOVE

Find a way to plan 10-15 minutes of movement into your day. I've spoken so much about apps for your phone and YouTube videos in the past. I love The Yoga Studio app and also The 7 minute workout app. Then there are so many YouTube channels to get you moving in short spaces of time. Don't have time? I literally book a slot out in my diary so I can't fill it with something else.

Moving your body really helps it to eliminate toxins and waste products. the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump and so relies on our natural movement to drain away toxins. Yoga is brilliant for the skin as it stimulates the circulation, promotes a healthy digestion and also relieves stress (which I'm sure we know has a negative effect on our body!)


We don't all necessarily need supplements all year round, but some are very important fr our bodies to thrive. I take my GLOW powder daily along with an Inner Beauty Boost. Plus I always like to take a multivitamin of some kind. Either the Skin Vitality 2 or Skinade depending on what I feel my body needs that day.

These supplements will give your skin all the nutrients that it needs to function to it's full potential. Boosting collagen and elastin and also promoting cell turnover and hydration. Probiotics feed your gut with the friendly bacteria it needs to function properly. Make sure you take your Glow powder daily to keep your gut healthy.

As you can see, good skin is not just from one lifestyle change but a combination of many. If your skincare is not on point, then of course it will have a massive impact on your skin. However, if you're not hydrated, sleeping well or moving your body you might find you get breakouts, dryness and uneven skin tone. Why not try one step at a time and by February your skin should really be thanking you!

Thank you so much for reading,



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