5 Ways To Get Your Skin Back On Track After Christmas

Now the festive season is pretty much behind us, some of us might feel like our skin is not looking as good as it once was pre December 2019.

So, to combat the dryness or pimples that have decided to show themselves in the new Year after all of that indulgence, here are my five top tips to make your skin feel like yours again.


I'm not a fan of cold water at all in Winter. I do tend to drink a lot of hot herbal teas and hot water when I'm in work, but what about when you're out and about running errands??

If you struggle to drink water during the day, take a bottle of water with you and challenge yourself to finish it by the time you get home. For those of you who think it's too cold for cold water, take a thermos flask filled with herbal tea with you and sip it throughout the day.

When your body is hydrated, it functions better. This includes removing toxins from the body which in turn will have a positive impact on breakouts and dryness.


Get your skincare routine back on track. I'm a huge fan of really hydrating our skin with a water based serum and then sealing in the moisture with an oil. I find my skin looks so much healthier when I layer up my products. (why not try The Vitamin C Serum, The Face Cream, and The Face Serum)